Available Features

Our sites come with these features:

  • Content-Managed: You control the content of your site. Manage images, text, links and pages all from your web browser.
  • Contact Forms: Build forms in which users can submit information such as email address, telephone number, address.
  • News Updates: Provide easy access to the latest news about your company.

Available extra features:

  • Private Pages/Login Password System: Create pages that can only be accessed through a sign-up or login based system.
  • Photo Gallery: Create albums and galleries and upload, resize and crop images from your browser without the use of image-editing software.
  • Catalogue: If your business carries a large range of products, a catalogue system organizes all the information and images. Customers easily can find what they need.
  • Search: Visitors can perform site-wide searches by entering text into a search box.
  • Calendars: Provide visitors with a calendar of events. You can easily update the calendar from your web browser.
  • E-commerce: Sell and receive payment for products or services online.
  • Video: Embed video directly on your website.
  • Animation, Sound, Music and Interactivity: Integrate Flash-based animation or games in your website.
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